Company policy

Lloret Water Xtreme is aware of the importance of ensuring it offers a quality service as well as ensuring safety and protecting the coast, the environment and natural resources. With these aims, the company complies with the standards of the following regulations:

UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015 · UNE-ISO 21101:2015 · UNE-ISO 21103:2015

Regarding quality and safety, undertakes to offer a service that provides the greatest customer satisfaction while complying fully with the legislation in place.

To achieve, this the company's operations are based on the following preconditions:

- Providing a professional, safe and high-quality service.

- A commitment to continuous improvement in the safety management system.

With regards to protecting the environment, the company understands the need to develop management tools that allow for sustainable use of the coast and are compatible with preserving it.

Jet Ski Lloret's environmental commitment is based on the following premises:

- Promoting efficient and rational use of raw materials and energy as well as appropriate management of waste products.

- Ensuring compliance with legal requirements and other especific requirements.

- Providing the Integrated Management System with the necessary resources to ensure that it Jet Ski Lloret selects materials and products that comply with and adapt to the company's quality and environmental management policies. Likewise, it raises awareness amongst its staff and involves them in order to guarantee the pursuit and offering of quality and environmental protection criteria in accordance with the objectives and policy of the company.

the director,

Lloret de mar, 28th april 2019